Monday, 8 September 2014


I like a nice and simple DIY project. They don’t take up much time and add a nice personal touch. And other than the fact that this was actually my third attempt at this project, this batik pillow project super easy and quick. My first attempt looked perfect until someone put an iPad on it while the wax was drying. And then someone else sat on it, and sadly it was unsalvageable. And for my second attempt, my wax obviously ran empty and squirted everywhere like an almost-empty ketchup bottle. So in case you’re wondering, a 85 ml bottle of batik wax will be enough for about a pillow and a half, if you’re doing a pattern similar to this one.

Anyway, troubles aside, I’m happy with the results so thought I’d share. The process is super simple: I drew my pattern using batik wax, and then dyed it using Dylan fabric dye in Ocean Blue. I like how irregular my “hellos” are, and the ombre effect. Goes quite nicely with the blue flowers in the duvet in my guestroom, no?

Also, do I need to work on my ironing skills or what?