Friday, 19 September 2014


If you're a regular reader, you may know that I visited my sister in South Korea earlier this year. I took lots of photos with my SLR camera (which I really need to make a photobook out ofASAP!), but I also took a couple of rolls of 120 film with my Diana F+. I had completely forgotten about them though, as they were hiding behind a couple Cadbury creme eggs in my fridge (that I sadly also forgot about and have now gone off. Fail!). So I was both excited and surprised when I got these back from the developer's. Even more so, when I realized that the other film I shot in Korea (also fisheye, of buildings on Geoje) appears to be hiding. I had a couple of really cool shots of the building my sister lived in on that film, so really hoping it turns up. But for now, here's a couple shots form my surprise film.

These were all shot on 120 film with the Diana F+. The ones shot with the Fisheye lens were from a cycling trip I took to the mountains on Geoje, while the others were shot at the beach in Busan.

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