Monday, 18 November 2013


I didn't turn on the TV or computer once this weekend. Instead I was a very busy bee. I cleaned out the house, furnished the guest room, started a new home brew, painted lots, read lots and baked a birthday cake for my mother (carrot cake with a maple cream cheese frosting and terrible sparkler candles). However, I also finally managed to unpack some of the stuff i brought over from Glasgow last time, which included these knitted things I thought I'd share. I knitted them a few years ago, just for fun. I think my original plan was to knit a whole fruit bowl, but clearly got a bit distracted in the process once I started doing popsicles as well (and a carrot, which I gave to a friend). Must say I'm a little tempted to complete the bowl now though. Maybe I should knit a pineapple? Or a bunch of grapes?


  1. My carrot sits in a wooden bowl where I keep my jewelry. He smiles at me every morning.

  2. !!! So cute!!!! The banana is my favorite!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. The watermelon is the sweetest :) I like the idea of a whole fruit bowl and a pineapple sounds like a good (although somewjat ambitious?) idea. You could also make little strawberries, lemons or twin cherries :)


  4. Hey~ thanks for stopping by my blog! :D

    Your little knitted guys are so cute!! They are definitely the happiest Popsicle and fruit I've ever seen.

    Take care!