Wednesday, 7 March 2018


Graeme's always complaining that I never knit him anything. It takes a lot of time and not to mention yarn to knit men's sweaters though (hence why kiddo knit is so much fun), so instead of anything too big and complicated I decided to knit him a hat. The pattern is the Hipster hat from Petite Knit.

My plan was to knit it out of some leftover Drops Baby Merino I had from a baby blanket I made last year for a friend's baby (sorry--no post or photo, I just knitted it and sent it away). I have a lot of leftover yarn sitting around with no future aspects and this seemed like a pretty good project for that. But wouldn't you know, I ran out of yarn juuuust as I was about to finish and had to go out and buy another skein. In other words, instead of getting rid of leftover yarn, I ended up with more yarn than what I started with. Facepalm.

The answer to this was obviously to knit a matching hat for Oscar as well. I've seen a lot of patterns for "mommy and me" matching dresses and outfits, so I figured a "daddy and me" set of matching hats would be pretty cute? I used the same pattern as the one for Graeme, and just modified it a bit to fit a child. Luckily, Graeme is one of those who embraces these things, and would love to match his outfit with Oscar on a daily basis if he could haha.

I still have more yarn than what I started out with though!

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