Monday, 1 September 2014


Lo and behold, I made a dress! This isn't actually the first time I sew a dress, but it's the first time I sew one from a pattern I made based on another dress. The original dress was a shift dress I bought a few years ago in Dublin at Forever 21. I loved it dearly, but as it was showing a bit of wear and tear I decided that it was time to let go.. at least almost. It seemed simple enough for me with my basic sewing skills to try to make my own version of it, so I grabbed my scissors, cut up the seams and made a pattern.

The original dress had ties for the back, but I decided to keep it simple and used a hook and eye clasp. I have so many other ideas now too, like maybe adding a scalloped hem at the bottom? Or changing the neck? Adding pockets? Or hello, peter pan collar? Ahh the possibilities are endless. Watch this space for more dresses!

Also, a special thanks to Graeme for taking the pictures haha. For someone who loves to take photos, I'm pretty camera-shy, and have really no idea how to even begin posing. I mean, what do you do with your face? Or all your limbs? Oh, the awkwardness. Either way, we had a good laugh taking these. And brace yourself--I finished off sewing a skirt yesterday too, so will probably do a post about that once I get organized enough to take a few awkward photos of that too!


  1. This turned out really nicely. I'm really impressed. The color is also lovely because it will transition from season to season so easily! The statement necklace is a great compliment to it. XO -Alexandra

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