Friday, 24 January 2014


Graeme got a Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner for Christmas (from me, ha!), and I've been pretty excited to try it out (it was a gift to him, I swear). So in stead of getting my photos scanned to a disc last time I went to the photo shop, I decided to just get them developed and then scan them myself.

These pictures were taken with the Diana F+ and the 35 mm back with the square with sprocket holes frame, in and around Stavanger. The scanner was pretty easy to use, and one good thing about it is that it easily picks up the sprocket holes, which a lot of photo scanners don't. 

However, there were definitely a few downsides. When you scan them onto your smartphone, the picture only takes up about a third of the screen, which reduces the resolution quite significantly. As you can see, the images also turned out really blue. I did a bit of research into why this happened, and I have been led to believe that this is because the print film base is red, so some of the red gets canceled out? I'm not really sure I understand this explanation though, does anyone have a better one? Apparently they wouldn't be so blue if I got them scanned in a photo lab though, so that's good to know.

The scanner definitely can't compare to a professional scan, so there's a good chance I'll take these rolls of film to the shop to get them scanned in the photo lab at some point. But it's a fun toy either way!

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  1. Very cool but I can see the downside. Fun though. I think you should get them scanned. Would be nice to see the comparison.