Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Oscar absolutely loves books and has from a very young age. We read several books every day, a couple at bedtime, a couple while he sits on the toilet (he often declares he needs to use the toilet by coming up and asking for a "book and poop" hahah), and whenever else he feels like it. Snuggling up in an armchair with Oscar on my lap and reading him a book is one of my favorite things (though seeing him read books for his toy fox or for the dog come pretty close too!). His interests and preferences are always changing, but here's a couple of books we've been enjoying lately:

Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett
Other than the beautiful illustrations, this book has such a beautiful story too. It's about a girl who knits (yeees!), and even though people keep telling her she can't do something she still does them.

Spot A Lot Vehicle Adventure by Steve Smallman
Oscar loves cars and animals, so this book was a hit from the get go. The first (100) times we read it, Oscar would exclaim "WOW!" every time we flipped the page.

The Wolf, The Duck, The Mouse
 by Mac Barnett
Great story, and Oscar loves dancing when the duck and the mouse have a dance party. And at the end of the book, we all like to howl along with the wolf.

The Grufallo by Julia Donaldson
A classic, but clearly for a reason! Oscar loves the Gruffalo, or as he says it, "Gullaloo", and it's been on repeat around our house for a while now. He's also got a Gruffalo hand puppet, which he loves giving big hugs to. 

I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen
I actually bought this book years ago, way before we even started thinking about having a kid, and it cracks me up. Oscar loves it too, and gets really into it when the bear realizes where his hat has gone.

The Storm Whale by Benji Davies
This book was gifted to us, and it's been a favorite from the start! Oscar loves counting the cats, and on every page he asks where the whale is. We've read this book to him a lot, and one of his early words was actually "whale" one night after we'd finished the book and he pointed to the stuffed whale I'd made him. Yeah, my crafting mamma heart just about burst!

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


You guys, it's finally done! And I know what you're thinking, it's about damn time. Haha! To be fair, I started it a while ago, I just lost momentum somewhere in March, and then we basically traveled all of April. I finally picked it up again in May, but wouldn't you know? I ran out of yarn. Classic. I only had a sleeve and a half left, so undoing it and knitting something else didn't really seem like an option. Naturally, the specific colorway I used has been out of production for a while, but I finally managed to track some down from an online store in Denmark. I'm a little embarrassed at how much I had to pay for postage though (especially since it's from Denmark which is essentially just a hop and a skip away!). So yes, I've finally finished my cozy, woolly sweater, and it's the middle of summer. Good thing I live in Norway where you never really know when you'll need a cozy, woolly sweater.

Anyway, troubles aside, it's done! It's normally knit with two threads, but as I decided to use leftover yarn I decided to just knit with one thread and adjust the needle size accordingly. The yarn I used was Du Store Alpakka's Baby Silk in 318 Teal, which I bought years and years ago. If you're a long time reader, you might remember this? I originally bought the yarn for a cardigan pattern, which I ended up abandoning all together. When I finally picked it up this year to finish it off, I decided it wasn't really something I'd want to wear now, so I unraveled the whole thing and started this sweater instead. And here we are!

This is seriously such a lovely sweater though, and I'd love to knit another one in a light tweedy yarn. It's a fairly basic pattern, where the only slightly complicated part is the neckline, but once you get the hang of it it's fine. And it's a top-down pattern, which means it's really easy to try it on as you go so you get an idea of what it's gonna be like. I already know I'm going to get plenty of use out of this one!

Friday, 3 August 2018


driving to France! Some friends of ours are getting married in a castle in the north of France, so Graeme and I saw this as a good excuse for another road trip. We're taking the ferry over to Denmark and then driving through Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium before arriving at our destination. It's gonna be a long drive but I'm excited!

making s'mores in the firepit in the garden!

celebrating 3 years of marriage this month. :)

sleeping with no covers and all our windows open in these warm summer nights.

watching Who is America?

planning on doing a little refresh in our upstairs bathroom, and eyeing up this bathmat.

appreciating this crazy summer weather we've had, but also starting to look forward to fall. I recently did a big online shop and stocked up on cardigans--I'm ready!

photo from our last road trip through Europe

Monday, 30 July 2018


So, whats really cool about this wooden truck is that it was my brothers when he was a little kid (almost 40 years ago!). I actually remember playing with it myself too, so I got pretty nostalgic when I came across this little treasure in our attic. Oscar is in a massive car phase and has been for quite some time now (when he was about 8 months old we used to be able to just go to our living room window and point at my boring old Yaris when he was upset and he'd stop crying haha), so I thought I'd give the truck a lick of paint and a bit of new life.

Here's the before:

My mom last painted this truck in 1992 with a floral motif, and I actually remember her doing it. I even remember the name of that blue shade, bondebl√• or farmer's blue, and I guess she quite liked it as she went on a bit of a spree and painted all sorts of stuff in our house in this same shade, everything from baskets to the broom to the shutters on the outside of our house haha. I actually really like the color too, but I kind wanted to get rid of the flowers and just give it a bit of a refresh. The shade I ended up with is pretty close to the original color, just a little dustier and less saturated, which I like. And by the looks of it, Oscar seems to be loving his new truck too! "Wow, big truck!" says Oscar.

(Sidenote: When I was done with this truck, I obviously had quite a bit of paint left. So far I've only painted the stool we keep in the bathroom, but I can see how this could easily escalate to brooms and baskets and shutters in no time haha)

Thursday, 26 July 2018


One of the gifts we received when Oscar was born was this memory book. It's essentially a spiral notebook filled with blank pages and a personalized cover, and I think a lot of people use these as a type of baby book. But as you may already know, Oscar already has one of those. So I spent some time thinking about how to use this book. I could have just scrapped the baby book and used this one, but I'd kinda already started the baby book and I enjoy its cheesiness haha. I could have just filled this with photos. I could have let him fill it himself, even just with random drawings. After lots of overthinking, I decided to just go with my first impression of the book and turn it into Oscar's very first travel journal.

Seeing as I kinda feel like I have enough journals and photo album projects and whatnot, I decided to keep this one as simple as possible, with mainly just photos and text. I usually use about a page or two per trip, or a page or two per stop if it's part of a longer road trip. Everything from small weekend trips to the cabin to our big coast-to-coast American road trip earlier this year gets journalled. This is also where I stick down any postcards he gets in the post.

I drew a map on the first page, which I plan on marking every time he visits a new country. I might add more to it later, but for now I'm keeping it pretty minimal. So far, counting the country he lives in, he's already been to six countries! Not a bad start for our young explorer.

The further I get on, I seem to be focusing more on the photos and less on the text, which I'm pretty happy with as I often struggle to figure out what to write and feel it ends up a bit awkward. It's not until the latest trip, our coast-to-coast American roadtrip, where I've started using alpha stickers and the like. Not sure I'll keep doing it, as I want to keep it as simple and minimal as possible with the main emphasis on the photos, but somehow I feel it works for that trip. I also try to use as many random phone photos as I can, as these photos are likely to not end up in any other photo books. It's a work in progress obviously, but I'm happy to report that I'm well over halfway through the pages! And at this rate, the book might end up being so thick I might need to take out some pages.

I really do hope Oscar grows into one of those people who appreciate these sort of things as an adult haha. But, if nothing else, at least I have a really good time making them. :)