Tuesday, 24 July 2018


I remember once as a child, I was in town with my mother, when she ran into someone she knew and stopped to talk to them. I guess I was pretty ready to go home, as at one point she turned to me and said, "you're so impatient!" I didn't know what impatient meant, but I thought it sounded absolutely fantastic.

Anyway, while I was trying my best to wait for my yarn order so that I could finish my No Frills sweater, my fantastic impatience got the better of me and I ended up starting a new knitting project: the Homestead Shawl. Ironically enough, I received my yarn the next day, but by then I was already knee deep in making eyelets and braid stitches and basically unable to put my new knitting project down. I was really close to finishing this before I finished the No Frills sweater (I have finished it, I just felt like posting this one first, for no apparent reason at all).

Anyway, here we are: my first shawl! I really enjoyed knitting this and absolutely love the finished product. It's made up by mostly knit stitch and a few rows of structured knit to break it up, which made it both quick to knit and also kind of addicting. The braid stitch was a new one for me, and now I kinda want to knit horizontal braids on everything. I used Pickles' Angora yarn for this (which I think might be discontinued) in 7283 Dyp Skog, a lovely shade of green. It's so soft and fuzzy, and it's getting me all excited about cozying up in this on a chilly autumn day!

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