Sunday, 13 May 2018


It's been feeling really summery around here and we've been spending all our time outside in the sunshine, but hey, I decided to knit some super cozy and warm hats! We do live in Norway after all, so I wouldn't be surprised if we got to use them before the summer is over.

I knitted the first one a while ago. Graeme and I have this kinda weird tradition of celebrating our own Valentines day on the 14th of March rather than the 14th of February. The reason for this is basically that my birthday is on Valentine's Day and about a decade ago I was complaining about this. "How about we celebrate Valentine's Day a month later?" he suggested. "Ok!" I said, excited. Since then, Graeme has routinely surprised me with a romantic gift on the 14th of March every year. And I say surprised, because I've obviously forgotten about it every single year, even that first year. This is literally the first year I haven't spent the 14th of March frantically running around some shops trying to find a last minute gift. And wouldn't you know, this was also the first year Graeme forgot!

And I know I just knitted Graeme a hat, but it went down so well I decided to knit him another. I actually knitted it right in front of him, over a weekend we spent at the cabin. "What are you knitting?" he asked. "A sweater." I lied. "Ah ok," he said and continued talking. Not sure how he didn't realize that the hat wasn't sweater shaped in the slightest. Just shows how much he pays attention to my knitting projects! Ha!

I used this pattern from Drople Design, that I bought along with skeins of Hillesvåg Blåne wool. It's a lovely wool, chunky and cozy and soft, and the resulting hat is like a hug for your head. It's super simple and quick to knit, which is always fun break when you're working on a bigger knit project. I've already knitting another one in navy that I think I might just keep for myself, but I can easily see myself making more of these!

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