Wednesday, 16 March 2016


We're getting close to Easter, guys! I've stocked up on daffodils, and the sun's been shining and making it properly feel like spring. I didn't even need to wear a jacket today when I took Bo for a walk! And for some reason, I'm really excited about Easter this year. I don't have any particular plans, but I think I'm just really looking forward to a few days off and an excuse to gorge on chocolate in the sunshine haha. That's what Easter's all about, right?

Another fun part of Easter for anyone who likes to make stuff, is obviously painting Easter eggs. I think for the past two years, I've just kept to a monochromatic theme, but this year I wanted to throw myself on the marbling trend and make some marbled Easter eggs. And I'm pretty happy about how they turned out!
To make these, I dipped my eggs in navy and white nail polish, swirled together in some water. I've done marbling projects before where I've used marbling ink using the same technique, but I've seen a lot of people around the web use nail polish in stead. So when I was unable to find marbling ink anywhere here, I decided to give nail polish a shot. I'd say overall, marbling ink is probably easier to work with, so I would recommend using that over nail polish (surprise, surprise). I did encounter a couple issues with the nail polish lumping together and sinking to the bottom, and I found that the paint didn't spread on the water as consistently. Maybe I should have changed the water in between each egg? But issues aside, the eggs pretty much turned out exactly how I hoped they would.

Now I'm off to pick some branches to put in a vase and hang these on. Have you started getting ready for Easter?

Thursday, 10 March 2016


It's starting to feel like spring here, and on that occasion I wanted to share some analog photos I took a while ago at Easter. And while I was sifting through my photos, I realized I actually haven't posted any analog photos since last September? How did that happen? It appears I've just been so consumed in photo books and photo albums. I actually have several rolls of film that need to get developed as well (including all the disposable cameras from our wedding!), so I've officially put it on my to do list for this weekend. Other than the wedding disposables, I pretty much have no idea what's on these films. And mystery films are the best!

These were all taken in Stavanger with my Diana mini on 35 mm film. My poor Diana mini has since retired as heavy use has sadly left her a bit worse for wear, but this was my favorite camera for years. The fact that it takes 35 mm film made it so easy going. The photos would come out in such a dreamy and vivid colors, and I loved the double exposures. Hopefully we'll have an Easter just like it this year!

Saturday, 5 March 2016


Hello, and welcome to another segment of my 2016 album! So far I'm really enjoying having this as a physical album, and I can't wait to see how it develops throughout the year. I continued to keep the embellishments pretty minimal, but added a bit more handwriting this time, which I think I'll continue to do.You can see the post for January here.

February has been pretty cold, but the daylight is finally starting to stick around for a bit which makes a world of a difference. We had an awesome weekend trip to Sirdal with some friends, which was a winter wonderland. We had the best weather, Graeme and I got lots of cross country skiing done (complete with hot cocoa breaks), and lots of board games were played. I also reached the 30 week mark, and completed a couple of projects for the little one.

Plans for March include hopefully finally finish off our bedroom so we can move back into it! It's taking way longer than expected, but we got the window replaced last week, so hopefully we're nearing the end. Easter break is also coming up, but I think we'll mostly be staying at home. I suggested taking a short trip to Stockholm, but then Graeme pointed out that a) flying might not be the best idea when you're a month off your due date, and b) if we did, we'd run the risk of the baby being born on Swedish soil if he decided to come early. I immediately imagined myself in labor, essentially reenacting that scene from 30 Rock, panicking and trying to get across the border back to Norway haha. Easter break at home it is!