Tuesday, 6 January 2015


So I guess knitting for my sister's baby got me on a bit of a knitting kick! It's totally the season for it too--miserable weather outside is kinda ok when you're sitting in front of the fireplace knitting, enjoying some home baked goodies or a good movie (...what do you mean I sound like an old granny?). And after knitting this blanket, I was inspired to use the same technique to make some cowls to give as gifts for friends and family this Christmas.

It was pretty simple to modify the original Pickles pattern into a cowl pattern, and since you're knitting on such big needles these were done in no time at all--I managed to fire out three of these the last week before Christmas (while also fitting in a weekend trip to my friend's cabin, Christmas baking and shopping!). They're super cozy, and I'm now also very tempted to make one for myself. Or ten. Or one in every color. I might need to get an extra wardrobe for my future cowl collection.

For this cowl, I used four balls of 50 g yarn, or more specifically: Drops Nepal in 65% wool and 35% alpaca. I used 80 cm round 10 mm knitting needles. To make the cowl, start by knitting 81 stitches in double yarn. Join up to make a round, and knit your first row. The way this pattern works, is that for every even row you will knit the star pattern, and every odd row you'll knit a full round. So far all your even rows, start by knitting one (to move the star patter over one), then repeat the following to the end of the row, creating the stars (your last star will overlap one stitch to the next row): purl together three without letting go of the left needle, knit one slip stitch, and purl together three again. Let the stitches on the left needle go, and repeat. Give yourself plenty of space and make big, loose stitches. It might look like a big mess, but keep going and stay consistent, and you'll see the lovely star pattern emerge. Finish on an odd row and then bind off. Attach any loose ends and admire your work!

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