Saturday, 3 January 2015


Since Bo's been such an excellent dog this year, Santa brought her a GoPro Fetch. Pretty much the first thing Graeme and I did when we got a GoPro was attaching it to Bo. I mean, we had to. We already used the hashtag #boview on instagram when we drove her from Scotland to Norway in 2013, and find that pictures taken at Bo's eye level with her two pointy ears are absolutely hilarious. Those ears were made for this stuff. We couldn't find any dog mounts in the shops anywhere, so I bought a regular dog harness and some duct tape. The results were so-so. The harness was a little too big for her, so the camera wasn't as secure as it should have been. It bounced around a little too much, and when I filmed her jumping from the bed to the floor (which was a bit terrifying to watch), the camera slipped to one side, and as she managed to hit the side of the laundry basket, we ended up with a sidewards #boview.

Trial two was a simplified version (that I'm not entirely sure why we didn't try first?), where we just attached the camera to her collar. The results were perhaps a little better, though instead of her ears, you'd see the underside of her mouth (awesome view for when she was dangling after a ball I was holding). The main issue though, was how much the camera would jump as she ran, and the fact that her wee legs were just not long enoughthe camera was restricting her movement a bit.

So we did a bit of research and came across the GoPro Fetch dog mount, and I excitedly bought this for her for Christmas (what do you mean this is actually a present for me and Graeme?). It fits her much better (though still a bit big, Bo's pretty small for our breed), and it doesn't seem to bother her at all when she's wearing it. We did a test run at the dog park, and watching the video afterwards cracks me up! We look like giants walking next to her. But without any further ado, here is the world according to Bo:


  1. Ha, this is so much fun! Loved watching and now I think we need a GoPro as well! Happy New Year!

  2. I recommend it! Can't wait to take her for walks on the beach this summer, when she's catching frisbees and going for swims!

  3. that video is pretty hilarious :D

  4. OH MY GOD. I need to get my dog a camera.