Wednesday, 14 January 2015


I tend to struggle a little in the winter months, and feel like I'm totally suffering from SAD these days. The darkness and the cold can make me feel a bit blue, and it's easy to get stuck inside when the weather can be so miserable. It's been a while since Graeme and I have been able to head out for a photo adventure, so I figured I'd share some from warmer and sunnier times as a much needed ray of sunshine! We had such fantastic weather last summer, even though it's a bit hard to imagine right now (as the wind roars outside and makes my house creak). Fingers crossed we get a similar summer this year!

These were taken on the islands outside of Stavanger, and at Bogsteinen on the other side of Gandsfjord. I used Graeme's La Sardinia camera with 35 mm film. I've actually managed to break this camera since these were taken, and it's currently being held together by a band aid and I'm not sure it's actually usable anymore. So sad! :( Think we'll defintately have to replace this camera, as I love how dreamy the images come out. That double exposure of Graeme feeding a swan in the sky is my favorite!

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