Thursday, 18 July 2013


I hate having my picture taken. Pretty much as soon as someone points a camera in my face, I feel myself entering a state of extreme awkwardness, and I never know what to do with myself. As a result, I’m never really happy with pictures taken of myself, and I try to avoid being in them all together. For example, I've been meaning to get a bio photo on this blog for months, but I just keep putting it off. And even though we haven’t even set a date for the wedding, the thought of a wedding photo book filled with my awkward smiles and unnatural poses has already been something I've already worried about. So when the girls from A Beautiful Mess wrote about the 30 day self portrait challenge, I decided to give it a go, starting today. I’m hoping that through this challenge, not only will I feel more comfortable in front of a camera, but I’ll also learn a bit more in terms of lighting and angles and posing, and generally how to take better portraits. Here goes nothing, right?

(Lesson no.1: Make sure Graeme's pile of laundry isn't in the background.)


  1. This is a very nice self-portrait, and you always look great in my pictures Hilde!