Tuesday, 6 February 2018


The funny thing about this sweater is that it was supposed to be so much bigger. Basically, long story short: I knitted this sweater for Oscar in a size 4-5, thinking this would be a sweater he could fit into way in the future, but accidentally chose the wrong yarn, resulting in a much, much smaller sweater fit for a one year old. I only even realized when I was far too into the project (I really dispise undoing my knitting and would rather give it away to someone else than start over), and basically held my breath as I finished it up and tried it on him. To my great surprise, it fit him perfectly!

The pattern is from Petit Knit, and it's called Anker's Sweater. I love the ribbed yoke detailing. Mette from Petit Knit has so many awesome patterns, both for kids and adults! I knitted it in Sandnes Garn Tynn Mernio, though I should really have just used regular merino, hence the sizing getting all messed up! Luckily Oscar's gotten plenty of use out of it and it still fits him now, though he is very close to growing out of it. It was a pretty quick and easy knit though (yay for kid's clothes!), so maybe I should knit him another one?

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