Sunday, 11 February 2018


It was starting to feel a little bit heavy on the project posts, so thought I'd break it up a little today and do a little post with what's been going on around here. Might make these kind of posts regular? Anyway, here we go!

drinking my coffee out of my new favorite mug that Oscar gave me for mother's day which is today here in Norway! It's pretty much the greatest mug of all time.

reading Station Eleven and Little Fires Everywhere. I like reading more than one book at a time so I can change it up a little depending on what I feel like.

working on a photo heavy blog post about an album I made for all of 2017. Spoiler: I love it.

laughing while playing hide and seek with Oscar. Yesterday I hid behind the curtains, and he couldn't find me until I couldn't take it anymore and burst out laughing. Sitting upright on the couch under a blanket also proved to be a good hiding spot haha.

attempting to complete the Apartment Therapy January Cure (yes, in February, I'm a bit behind). Mostly I've just been buying myself flowers. I also cleared out and organized a junk drawer.

eating fastelavensbolle, as today is also fastelavens! Graeme surprised me with some fastelavensris on Friday. In his words "I bought you some birch sticks with feathers? I don't really get this tradition, but I thought you might like it." I certainly do. Well played, Graeme.

knitting two projects right now: the No Frills sweater by Petit Knit for myself, and a Hipster Hat from Petit Knit for Graeme as he's always complaining I never knit him anything.

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