Wednesday, 31 January 2018


I mentioned in a previous post that I was planning on sharing a couple of knitting projects I completed last year, and this is one (three?) of those. Graeme surprised me one day with a knitting book from Klompelompe (he's lovely like that), and this pattern for the guttebasslue was the first one I tried out. I enjoyed the pattern so much, I ended up making three!

First, of course, I made one for Oscar. Then I ended up making a smaller baby-sized one for my friend who had a little kiddo in July, and then an adult-sized one in blue for another friend (to match her eyes :). All three are knitted in Sandnes Garn's merino wool.

The pattern doesn't actually call for a big oversized fur bobble, but I'm kinda loving that look right now so decided to go with it. They just look so cozy! They actually come with litle snap buttons too, so you can easily take the fur bobble off if you need to wash the hat (something I forgot to tell my friend, who ended up sending me a pretty distressed text as she had accidentally popped off her bobble and thought she'd ruined the whole hat).

I've been very tempted to make more of these, perhaps one for me and one for Graeme so we can match Oscar?

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