Sunday, 4 August 2013


I find that there’s something incredibly satisfying about going out in your garden, picking some fruit and using it in your cooking. We have tons of fruit growing in our garden; apples and plums, red currants, black currants, gooseberries, blueberries, strawberries and of course, rhubarb (and we have grand plans of adding a vegetable patch next year!).   

This summer we’ve had an abundance of rhubarb, and while dipping sticks of rhubarb in sugar is all kinds of wonderful, I decided to make some rhubarb and lime cordial out of it. And is it too much bragging if I say it's probably the most delicious cordial I've ever tasted?

Rhubarb and Lime Cordial Recipe (makes 1.5 liters):
1 kg rhubarb, chopped
75 ml water
800 g sugar
100 ml lime juice

Add chopped rhubarb and 75 ml of water to a pot and put it on a low heat. Once the juices start seeping out of the rhubarb, turn it up a little and let it stew until the rhubarb has gone completely soft and pretty much just turned into mush. Line a bowl with a cheesecloth, and tip in the rhubarb. Gather the corners and let drip into the bowl for a few hours to get all the juice out. Speeding this process up by squeezing is totally allowed. You should end up with just over a liter of rhubarb juice. Discard the left over rhubarb, and pour the juice into a pot together with the sugar and the lime juice. Cook while stirring, allowing the sugar to dissolve. Take off the heat just before the mixture is about to boil, and pour into sterilized bottles.

Serve in the sunshine with 1 part cordial and 4-6 parts water (depending on how strong you like it), some ice and a wedge of lime.

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