Sunday, 18 August 2013


And there, my 30 day self portrait challenge has been completed! First off, I’ll admit I did miss a couple days. Most of the days I didn’t remember until quite late in the evening, on some occasions I didn’t remember at all, and there were even a couple of days where I’d come home and be tired from work and just plain didn’t feel like it. We all have those days, right? Anywho, I figured I’d post a couple of them.

It wasn’t until about day 20 where I felt like I was actually improving at all. In the beginning I felt very uncomfortable with having to produce a portrait of myself every day, and I was pretty much just shooting at random, almost just to get it over with. But as I got more used to it, I started looking more critically at my photos and focusing on what I didn’t like about the photo and how I could improve it. I started taking test shots before I even put myself in the photo, to make sure my camera settings were right and my backgrounds were going to work. This is a pretty basic lesson, I know, but one I ignore far too often.

I also learnt so much about how to pose on cameras. I’ve learnt that I’m no good at pretending to be smiling, so I have to be thinking of something happy or funny when I’m smiling for it to look genuine and to avoid it looking like I’m just pulling a weird face. And I think I almost had an epiphany when I finally realized how much improving my posture improved my portraits. I had no idea my posture was even that bad! 

It's definitely a challenge I would try again!


  1. That sounds like a hard challenge, but I can definitely see how you could learn a lot. I really like these shots-- the angles are so creative! and you are SO pretty!

  2. These are lovely! It's amazing how much you can improve at posing with some practice (I'm much better than I was 3 months ago)! Your hair in the second photo is stunning!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. the first two are my favorites