Monday, 7 May 2018


Getting back into your routines after being on holiday for a month is no joke! I'll probably post about our giant American road trip soon, but for now I decided I'd post one of these status reports to ease myself back in. So here's whats going on around here:

enjoying being home again after our trip! I was pretty worried I'd be feeling those post-holiday blues pretty hard when we got home, and I started feeling it a bit when we got to Palm Springs as that was our last stop before we went home. But so far I've actually really been enjoying being in our home, cooking and slowly getting back into routines.

celebrating both Oscar's 2nd birthday and the 17th of May this month, which is the Norwegian constitution day! We have Graeme's family visiting and looking forward to celebrating with everyone and eating as much cake as possible!

working on our garden this month. Our garden is kind of one giant flower bed with a patch of grass, and I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed by it since we moved in. So our main goal is to simplify it a bit, and one of the things we're working on is turning some of those flower beds into a bigger patch of grass. We're also adding a sandbox and hoping this will mean that Oscar has a nice space to play in the garden. We're almost there!

reading Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey and Macbeth by Jo Nesbø. Making headway on my 2018 reading goal, 11 out of 24 read.

eating outside as often as we can, weather permitting. Our garden furniture is out and BBQ season is here!

planning a couple projects that I hope to at least get started on this month. I'm already a bit behind on my 12 projects of 2018, and I've been struggling a bit with inspiration recently. Time to get back on it!

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