Wednesday, 2 October 2013


September was a pretty good month. We had lovely weather for most of it and I’ve currently got three rolls of film getting developed from some of the photo adventures we went on. Graeme worked at the Nuart Festival in Stavanger where street artists from all over came to Stavanger and decorated the city. We also started our first batch homebrew, and even though we had a bit of a shaky start (LINK) we successfully bottled 42.5 bottles of IPA and we are looking forward to tasting them soon! We also had one of Graeme’s friends come visit us, which resulted in yet another trip to my parents cottage in the south of Norway, as well as a hike to the Pulpit Rock. Stunning views!

I had a bit of a sad start to October though, as Graeme left yesterday morning to go back to the UK to complete his final year of study. I’ll be visiting him very soon though, so looking forward to that. In the meantime, thank god for Skype and FaceTime!

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