Sunday, 20 October 2013


So this is kind of old news, as it was actually a few months ago I revamped this table, so I’ve already been using it for a while now. I had plans of posting it then, but somehow got a bit side-tracked. But without further ado, here is a very belated post of my table makeover!

Since I moved back to Norway, I’ve been living in my parents’ old house. When I moved in, they were living in Spain but still had all their furniture in the house, so I didn’t really need anything. They’ve since returned to Norway, but have moved into a new flat and thus taken majority of their furniture with them. One of the first things I needed when they moved out was a kitchen table, so I went on and found a round wooden table with 6 sturdy chairs a local pastor was selling for peanuts. I wasn’t massively into the super strong blue it was painted though (see before phone pic taken at the pastor’s house), so I decided to renew it a bit and give it a lick of white paint. It was a much longer process than what I had anticipated, and I ended up having to do 3 - 4 coats before I was satisfied as the blue was so strong it kept shining through. Very happy with the final result though, and looking forward to eating lots of meals here!  

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