Sunday, 13 October 2013


I gave up on this camera a long time ago. I was so excited when I bought it, roughly four years ago. The first film turned out awesome. There were light leaks and distorted colors, and the photo sequences were like mini analog movies. I brought the camera with me to California, and took some awesome pictures there too: a couple shots from Coachella, my friend dropping his ice cream in Dolores Park—but when I got the film developed it was blank. I was devastated and didn’t touch the camera for about 2 years, until now. I assumed it was broken, it was only a plastic toy camera after all. But then for some reason, I decided to try it out again and brought the camera with me to my parents cabin in Hausvik. I had pretty low expectations when I handed in two rolls of film, and sadly I only got one roll back. But the photos that actually got successfully developed reminded me all over again why I was so excited about this camera in the first place. 

Since it captures the subject in 8 different lenses over 2.5 seconds, it’s great for capturing movement. And because of this, I have a tendency to point the camera at people and commanding them about. “Jump!” “Do something!”  “Move about!” Graeme usually responds with a groan. Bo's a bit more cooperative. 

Can't wait to use this camera lots more!

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