Friday, 8 November 2013


I made a new photobook! I was pretty happy with the one I made last time, so I  made another one using the same website this time as well. Thought I would share a couple of pages from it!

These photos were all from mine and Graeme’s holiday in Spain last year. We visited my parents in Cadiz and travelled to Sevilla and Bilbao where we went to the Bilbao BBK Life festival, and we brought  quite a few cameras with us (the La Sardina, Fisheye, Diana Mini, Olympus Trip, various disposable underwater cameras, as well as my SLR), so we ended up with a ton of photos. I’m so happy to finally have these printed—they’ve been hiding on my hard drive for far too long!

As I'm posting this, I'm actually sitting at the airport, about to board my flight to Newcastle to spend the weekend with Graeme. So excited! Hope you have a good weekend too!

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  1. such a cool photobook!
    I think I wanna do that with my pics from the time I lived in Europe too!