Thursday, 3 December 2015


December is here! Are you ready? I'm definitely not. But I'm very excited about the upcoming month! November has been cold and dark, so much so that I've actually barely been on instagram (I think that first photo pretty much sums up a huge chunk of my month haha), so this is a super short "in instagrams" post! I'm also noticing that the few photos I did take this month were mainly food related haha. Then there was of course also the news I shared in my last post.

Plans for December include hosting a Christmas beer tasting night, going to Glasgow for the holidays, and hopefully visiting Julebyen Egersund! I've been meaning to visit the Christmas market in Egersund for about three years now, so it's way overdue. I'm also debating back and forth if I should make another December album, like the one I did last year. I had already decided I definitely wasn't going to, that I was gonna skip this year and come back strong next year. One issue I had was that I had a terrible printer, so printing out every picture was a nightmare and I only ended up being happy with about half of them.  And a major problem last year was actually taking enough pictures, as I work full time and pretty much only get daylight on the weekend (which won't be a problem next year as I'll most likely be on maternity leave). But then the other day I dug out last year's album and it kinda made me want to make another one, and I've been obsessing a little over it ever since and making plans in my head. And now I have a much, much better printer... ah, decisions!

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