Friday, 1 November 2013


While everyone’s still going on about autumn, I’m starting to get a serious winter feeling. We are now in November, and it’s been pretty stormy and rainy recently. Today I woke up to a pretty intense hail and thunderstorm banging on my bedroom roof! I love a good storm though, and especially when I’m cuddled up inside in a blanket. I'm looking forward to a cozy winter in front of the fireplace!

So looking at October on instagram, I realize I've been taking a lot of pictures of food this month. I think it's the cold weather making me want to cook more. It's been a busy month! Graeme left for the UK on the first, so it's been strange just being me and Bo in the house. Graeme and I had a weekend break in Glasgow, though it was more business than pleasure as we basically spent the whole weekend clearing out the flat (we're getting it ready for renting out). Also finally got to enjoy the homebrew! Will definitely be making our own brew again.

Hope you had a good month too!

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