Wednesday, 17 April 2013


This is one of those super quick DIY projects that barely even need instruction, perfect for when you don’t have a whole lot of time but want to make something cute. Small changes are often still quite effective! I brought a bunch of photos with me when I moved over from Glasgow that I’ve been meaning to display on my fridge and have been thinking of doing some sort of magnet project for a while. I considered getting instagram photos printed as magnets, but figured photo magnets keeping photos in place might end up looking a bit overkill. I’ve seen lots of people use washi tape to just tape up pictures, but I didn’t really want the adhesive from the washi tape on my pictures. So instead I decided to try to make some magnets with my washi tape!

Directions: Stick bits of washi tape on magnet sheet and cut them out with scissors. I wanted a “torn tape” look for my magnets, so I spent a bit of extra time making sure I cut the magnets out according to the torn bits of washi tape. Obviously, if you just wanted strips with neat ages you could just cut them straight off. Repeat! Then stick on fridge!

On a completely separate note, I am working on a bit of a redesign for this blog. I recently got Photoshop (finally!), and have been messing around a bit with that. So stay tuned!

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  1. I know I LOVE washi tape, so fun and this is a great idea!

    Ali of