Monday, 11 March 2013


Scrabble. Probably my favourite game. I was at a party at a friend’s place when I met this girl who was wearing a scrabble tile necklace with the letter H. I think that's actually how we got talking, seeing as that's my first initial too. A while later one night I was perusing items on eBay, I came across a seller in China that was selling a pack of 100 wooden scrabble tiles for £1. Lightbulb! I quickly clicked buy and had they arrived in the post not long after.

This is how I made my scrabble tile necklace.

For this project, I used wooden scrabble tiles (obviously), an eye hook, wood glue, an awl, and a chain. You can buy chains in various craft shops, but I had a little trouble finding a chain in the right colour, so I ended up using one from an old necklace.  

Directions: Step 1: Use the awl to make a hole at the centre of the top of the tile. Step 2: Dab the eye hook in the wood glue, and screw it into the tile. Let it dry. Step 3: Attach chain. Done!

Seeing as I bought a pack of 100 scrabble tiles, I think I’ll be making one of these for all my friends… and then still be left with far more tiles than I need. Do you guys know any other projects I could potentially use my tiles for?


  1. This is adorable. I love it. It seems fairly simple to make, too, which is always a plus! And what a good deal on the 100 scrabble pieces--whoa.

  2. So perfect! I am a scrabble lover, thanks for the great idea! :)