Saturday, 23 March 2013


So, a month ago, I handed in two 35mm films to get them developed, printed and put on a CD. Long story short, after four weeks and four phone calls (where I was told three times they’d contact me when my film was ready, and then finally that my film was ready and they must have forgot to contact me), my film was finally ready. Or so I was told. When I showed up at the photo place however, it turned out they had only developed the films and then printed one of them, and added a little note asking if I wanted to get the second roll printed as some of them were shot with a square format (using a Diana mini. Which I told them as I handed in the film), and if I did then they would have to send it off again. No CDs either. How this took them over four weeks, I’ll never understand. I guess 1 hour photo services have left me spoilt!  

Anyway, rant over. Here’s a couple photos of the photos (ha!) Graeme took, from the film that actually did get developed. For these photos, he used an Olympus Trip 35.

I currently also have a 120 and a 110 format film that I’ve just finished and needs developed, but something tells me I should probably find a different seeing as this place couldn’t even handle regular old 35mm film. Anyone happen to know of any decent places in the Stavanger area?

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