Saturday, 26 January 2013


Yes, another crocheted blanket. As I left the hexagon one I was working on in Glasgow, I decided to start a new one here. And since it's been so cold recently (it was -12 the other day!), it's been nice to have this to work on inside in front of the TV! It's so easy to get yarn here as well. Whereas in Glasgow there would be a handful of shops selling good quality yarn, I picked up this 100% wool yarn at my local groceries shop. You know, in between the milk and the frozen section.

On a completely different note, yesterday I managed to drop my laptop down an entire set of stairs. It bounced on every single hard wooden step, and then landed on the stone tiled floor at the bottom. Screen popped open and everything! I spent a few moments standing at the top of the stairs with my jaw open, holding my breath. Amazingly, everything seems to be working fine though! Managed to pop in the screen again and it made some annoyed noises at first when I turned it on, but so far I've had no issues with it. Phew!

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  1. It's good to know that your laptop is really a durable one. With the crochet blanket, proves that one you start doing something you'll surely get things done and use it on time.