Thursday, 3 January 2013


I know I'm a few days late with the whole New Years post, but I was visiting Glasgow over the holidays and  I only got back last night. I had a lovely time and it was great seeing these two, but it went past far too quickly and there were far too many things I didn't end up having time to do and far too many people I didn't end up getting time to see. I will definitely have to prioritize better next time!

Now that I'm back I've already managed to get myself sick with sinusitis and so I haven't exactly been overly active. I thought it'd be fun to do a little post with a recap of 2012 though, so without further ado, here are 12 photographs I've taken in the past 12 months.

Ringing in the New Year in (December/)JANUARY:

A coffee break in FEBRUARY:

A photo adventure to a trampoline in MARCH (Diana mini):

APRIL's weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland:

A sunny day in MAY (Diana mini):

The Glasgow School of Art's street party in JUNE (Fisheye):

JULY'S trip around Spain in Cadiz, Sevilla and Bilbao (Diana mini):

That day in AUGUST when I caught a big fish and Graeme proposed to me in Hausvik, Norway:

A photo adventure in SEPTEMBER to Irvine Beach, Scotland (Diana F+):

A fishing trip to Loch Long, Scotland in OCTOBER:

Moving to Sandnes, Norway in NOVEMBER:

A failed snowboard trip to Cairngorms, Scotland in DECEMBER:

2013 is gonna be a great!


  1. the first one is a great photo (they're all pretty sweet) and the fish eye makes my ass look big