Thursday, 1 November 2012


The weather has been absolutely horrible recently, and the sun has started to set far too early for my liking. Rain, rain, wind, rain, darkness. The cold is setting in and the weatherman keeps threatening/promising snow, so I guess it's pretty safe to say that winter is here. To prepare myself for what lies ahead, I've started crocheting a blanket. A very summery, completely out of season blanket. Surely the colour scheme won't affect its warming abilities, right?

For the particular design I decided on, I have calculated that I need to make a minimum of 289 hexagons, consisting of 5 yellow, 5 orange, 5 pink, 5 dark pink, 5 blue and 264 white. So far I have made 58 hexagons, so only 231 left! Yay!

Who knows, chances are this won't be finished until next summer anyway!


  1. So... today I saw a lady at the farmers market with the most amazing crocheted red poppy on her jacket and now I want one... But I have no clue how to crochet.. Do you fancy making me one for next year?! Ill pay you for it!! Ps loving the blanket!! Xx

    1. Oh genius idea! If only remembrance day wasn't tomorrow I could have sent you one in the post for it. Next year it is!