Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Last year I helped out with this pretty awesome project called the Papergirl Project. In short, artists all over send in some of their stuff, there's an exhibition and then all the pieces are rolled up in scrolls and all given out to random people by bike on the streets. It started out in Berlin but has since moved on to other places, like Glasgow. Unfortunately I was too late for the submission date last year, but I  took part of the delivery side of things. On Graeme's BMX. With no breaks. In traffic. And without having ridden a bike for ten years. No big deal.

As a thanks for helping out I was a given a scroll myself, which contained a drawing by a girl from Scotland, two photographs (one from a Scottish and one from a Russian photographer) and a huge canvas by a street artist from Poland. These now all hang on the walls of my flat.

I really enjoyed taking part last year, so when I found out they were doing it again this year I figured I'd hand in a few pieces of my own. So I had a look through my sketchbook and decided I'd submit three caricature like drawings of Bo, titled "the hunter", "the observer", and "the athlete". I'm not sure when they'll be handed out, but if you're about Glasgow that day you might end up with one of these! Free art, who'd say no?

Oh, and if you want to take a look at the submissions from 2011 you can find them here.

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