Friday, 28 September 2012


I've been doing a lot of crocheting recently, both making this neon pink blanket and another project I've been working on which I'll probably post about once it's finished. In fact, I've been crocheting so much recently my hands are sore. Of course, I've been up to other things as well, like cooking this amazing soup, listening lots to this wonderful album, and watching a lot of episodes of Nigella on the Food Network. I've also been drawing lots, but I'll probably post about that later too.

I'm a pretty slow crocheter though - still in at the learning stage really, which to be honest, is the main reason why this ended up being a blanket for Bo. After having made two trips to the shop for more yarn, I decided that this final ball of yarn would dictate how big the blanket would be. And In stead of aiming for another blanket for the couch, I'd aim for a new blanket for Bo's bed.

And then again, I very rarely make things for Bo. And after spending all week in a cone, I thought she might appreciate a new blanket. She is a snuggle bunny after all, and one of her favourite past times in the world is to nap, be comfortable and to snuggle. Some dogs might enjoy being outside rolling in the mud, but Bo prefers being rolled up on the couch watching TV. She definitely shows signs of city dog syndrome, as she refuses to go outside when it rains and has been known to jump at the smallest of things, like that time a bird's feathered that was lying on the ground was caught by the wind and unexpectedly tickled her belly while she was out on a walk and she squealed like she'd been stood on. Yep, Bo definitely enjoys a good snuggle in a cosy blanket.

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