Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Oh man, I have been neglecting this blog recently. I was expecting to have plenty of spare time this summer, but in between applying for jobs, remodelling the kitchen, planning our wedding, travelling and other engagements, it's been ridiculously busy. But I'm getting there. The kitchen is SO close to being done, and Graeme and I are now getting married in less than a month. This week we managed to secure someone to actually carry out the ceremony (just a minor detail!), so that seems to be coming together too. We're also pretty much done with all our travelling this summer, so I figured I'd share a couple of the photos Graeme and I took from Glastonbury a few weeks ago! Oh, how I love analog film. These were all shot on Lomography Diana F+ with a 35 mm back and the Olympus Trip.

We had a pretty awesome weekend (as seen in the last photo!). It's such a huge festival, and it was so amazing to just wander around and explore and take it all in. Florence + the Machine was probably my favorite show, but there were so many other amazing acts, and such a good vibe throughout the festival in general. Would definitely recommend if festivals are your thing!

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