Sunday, 14 June 2015


We are still in the middle of our kitchen renovation process over here. Currently, we've just finished doing the walls and flooring, and the kitchen itself was delivered a few days ago and is sitting in boxes in the living room, ready to be installed. We cook our meals outside on the bbq, and have to do our dishes in the bathroom. Our fridge sits in the middle of the living room. In other words, the whole house is a tip. To distract ourselves from the situation, we've been accepting every dinner invite thrown our way, and travelling whenever we get the chance. We went to Oslo to meet with the British Embassy to get some wedding-related paperwork done. Some friends of ours from the UK were running the Copenhagen Marathon, so we jumped on the ferry, drove through Denmark and cheered them on (I still have blisters from trying to keep up with them, stomping all over Copenhagen's cobbles in my wedges--not the best choice of footwear, I'll admit). Then we also went away for our stag and hen parties. Graeme went to Scotland for a week, and I had a long weekend in Bristol. I had the best time, and I'm now convinced it's some tropical paradise where everyone stays in beautiful houses and the sun shines every day (we stayed in the most gorgeous Victorian townhouse through airbnb and I got a tan). Today we're contemplating taking a few days at my parents cabin before the kitchen finally gets installed and we can return to normality. I'm planning on spending pretty much all of next weekend in the kitchen, cooking and baking and making a mess.

As we've been keeping pretty busy staying out of the house, I haven't really had much to blog about. So while we're still living in this kitchenless limbo and travelling a lot, I figured it'd be appropriate to share some shots I took while travelling over to Scotland this easter break. Graeme and I went to Glasgow for a week to visit friends and family, and then had a couple of sunny days in Edinburgh to finish the trip off. These were all taken with the Diana F+ with the 35 mm back. We're heading to the Glastonbury Festival in a couple of weeks, and think I'll be taking this camera with me!

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