Thursday, 27 February 2014


I had a bit of leftover fabric from my previous pillow project (Honestly, who buys half a meter of fabric to cover one button? What was I thinking?), so I decided to turn it into another pillow. I toyed around with the idea of making a smaller, inverse version of that previous pillow project (beacuse surprise, surprise, I have leftovers from the dark grey fabric too), but since it's a woolen, fluffy fabric I decided it'd be perfect for a cloud shaped pillow. And since my plan was to have this pillow in my guest bedroom, it seemed like a good fit!

To make my cloud pillow, I drew and cut out a cloud-shaped pattern on some butcher paper. I pinned my pattern to the folded fabric (making sure the right sides were facing each other so that I'd end up with two corresponding cloud shapes), and cut it out, leaving about a centimeter for seam allowance. Right sides still facing each other, I pinned the two shapes together and sewed around roughly one centimeter from the edge, leaving a gap of about 5 centimeters at the end. I then turned the pillow inside out, stuffed it and sewed up the gap by hand.

And voila, the cloud pillow now sits happily in my guest room with my DIY headboard! Think I might need to do some more pillow projects though, as I feel it looks a bit lonely, don't you think?


  1. This is so cute! I love that fabric! I need to make some pillows for my place soon.

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

    1. Thanks! It's a good way of freshening up a space! :)

  2. Den puta var bare eeelsk! Såå fin!

  3. This pillow is so adorable,
    it's such a cute design, it would look lovely in my bedroom, too. ;)