Wednesday, 18 January 2017


So here's something that was on my to do list for a while: finish our wedding album. We got the photos from our wedding back pretty promptly, but honestly, there were just so many good ones that I found it really hard to narrow it down and just kept putting it off. I finally managed to complete it towards the end of last year though, and thought I'd share a couple photos of it here! So brace yourself for another picture heavy post...

Actually, bit of a funny story: for some reason my mom was convinced that she would be receiving our wedding album as her Christmas present last year (2015). She'd seen the rectangular, hard present under the tree and assumed it was our wedding album, and she'd even excitedly told her sister on the phone how excited she was to unwrap it. We were celebrating with Graeme's side of the family that year, so she called me the next day to tell me how disappointed she had been when she had unwrapped it and found that I had actually gifted her a cookbook haha. Obviously, I had to make up for it this Christmas, so both my parents and Graeme's parents were gifted a copy of our wedding album. Needless to say, my mother was very happy. 

And, obviously, I'm pretty happy too. I'm so happy with how it turned out, and looking through it brings back so many happy memories. I used the same website I've used for my other photo books, only this time I went for a A4 portrait format and a grey cover. Since this is a bit of a special album, I wanted to make it stand out from the rest. I'm actually still waiting for our copy of the book (it's currently waiting for me in Glasgow!), and can't wait to have it sitting on our shelves in the living room!

I also just realized I never really shared any details about our wedding on this blog! So, in short: we got married in August 2015, on a veteran ship in Norway. The ceremony took place in the middle of Lysefjord, underneath the pulpit rock. This is obviously just a few of the pages, but I thought it necessary to highlight the following pages that make me laugh: the photos of Graeme struggling with his kilt in the wind, and the black and white spread of Graeme and I killing ourselves with laughter as our parents are kissing. It's a bit of a difficult one to explain, but basically, there's a Norwegian wedding tradition where the guests make noise (like stomp their feet under the table) and the couple or the couple's parents are supposed to kiss, either standing up or underneath the table, depending on which noise the guests make. Neither my parents or Graeme's parents knew about this before the wedding, so panic and hilarity ensured when they were put on the spot! I don't even know which of them got it right in the photo, but there was much confusion and I'm pretty sure both our mothers banged their heads in the process haha. This is why you make photo albums right, to remember stuff like that?

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