Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Hey guys! Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Halloween isn't really a big deal here in Norway, but every year people celebrate it a little bit more, which I'm quite excited about with my Americanized third culture kid upbringing. I still remember my first Halloween in Houston about 2 decades ago--the decorations, the costumes, the masses of candy! In a few years when Oscar is a bit older, I'd love to go visit some American friends so he can experience a proper Halloween. Plus, any excuse to dress up and have some fun during this dark and cold season is a big fat yes in my book. 

And now that we have a kid and we have every excuse to partake in the Halloween festivities (like we needed an excuse before, Bo is no stranger to dress up...), I thought I'd share how we made Oscar's ewok costume. It was really simple to throw together with stuff we already had around the house, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 

The outfit is basically made up of three components; the bear suit, the hood and the spear. The bear suit was a hand me down from some friends, but I'm pretty sure you can buy similar suits all over the place. H&M sell them for sure. The hood was made out of one of Graeme's old brown t-shirts, where I just added two "bone style" buttons on the top and some leather strips around (Wicket was my inspo). Graeme made the spear out of a bamboo stick, some string, and a piece of wood he whittled to the shape of a stone and spray painted grey. He glued it all together with a glue gun. While the wooden spear is obviously more baby appropriate than a stone one, the spray paint wasn't exactly edible, so Oscar was under pretty strict observation while he was playing with it. Everything he touches ends up in his mouth these days. 

Yub nub!

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