Sunday, 10 April 2016


Well, well, well! I started my maternity leave last Friday, meaning we are getting closer and closer to the due date at the end of the month (you start your maternity leave 3 weeks before the due date here). Pre-arrival maternity leave is pretty good so far. I still feel pretty great and the sun has literally been shining since I went on leave, and the dog's really been enjoying my company and the daytime walks. Mostly I've been busy with stuff around the house, though; tidying, organizing, purging. I've started tackling the monstrous pile of laundry that I'd been putting off, starting of course with the little one's clothes. It's impressive how someone so tiny (who's not even born yet!), can have so much stuff already. But it's mostly all washed and dried now, and ready to be put away in his nursery. Which is also pretty much all ready, so I'll probably share a post about that soon!

I've also knitted another blanket for him, this simple ombre one. It's so soft and cozy, and I love the colors. It started out as a project to use up some leftover yarn, and then escalated from there. I used Drops Baby Merino in petrol (leftover from this project), and then got some light sky blue and light grey to compliment, which gave it a nice ombre effect. I used a garter stitch throughout and 10 mm needles, making it a very quick project. Since I wanted to use up the petrol yarn and had more of that than the other colors, I purposely made the light grey panel the smallest (which now obviously means I have leftover light grey yarn--this is a never ending cycle, you guys!). And since the light sky blue and the light grey are quite similar, I feel it worked out pretty well. 

He can technically arrive any day now, and I'm looking forward to having him all wrapped up in this blanket! Though at the same time, I'm also hoping he takes his time and waits until about the 30th for logistics purposes haha. I've explained the situation to him, so I guess it just remains to see if he gets it and stays put, or if he's more of the rebellious, devil-may-care type. Time will tell!

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