Wednesday, 4 November 2015


I had a hard time not just posting pictures from our trip to Prague here. We had an awesome time (and took loads of pictures!) but hey, this is "October in Instagrams", not "Our trip to Prague in Instagrams" (if you'd like to see more, you can check out my account @hildeandhercamera). Autumn is here in full, which means lots of colorful leaves everywhere, and cozy nights at home in front of the fire place (making s'mores!) after cold and wet dog walks that sometimes end in dog showers—look at that poor dog's face! I also had a quick work trip to Oslo (hence the mandatory wing photo haha) where I managed to squeeze in a coffee date with a friend. And then of course there was Prague. Such a beautiful city. We had the best time, and we'd love to go back.

Plans for November include making Christmas cards, working on some photo books and hopefully squeezing in a trip to the cabin. I'm also thinking of starting another knitting project, but haven't quite decided what yet. What are your plans?

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