Tuesday, 4 August 2015


As Graeme's Scottish, he'll be sporting a kilt in our ever approaching wedding. And as a wedding present from his parents, he got a custom made kilt with all the trimmings in their clan's tartan. A few weeks ago it was finished, so he managed to pick it up while we were in Glasgow for a friend's wedding and it's currently hanging in his closet! And as the tartan was made to order, it came with a roll of leftover fabric. I had my own ideas of stuff to make, but Graeme requested I make him a tie, bow tie and pocket square. You know, so that he's covered as far as McMillan tartan accessories goes.

But as I've already made him bow ties (like this knitted one and this tartan one), he might need to wait a bit longer for that one. But I've never made a tie before, so that sounded fun. I used this pattern from See Kate Sew, which is simple and easy to follow. Though I think if I were to make it again, I'd probably add about 10 cm to the length of it and try to make it all in one long piece rather than two. And as the tartan fabric is quite thick to begin with, I probably shouldn't have added interfacing, as I think it would have been thick enough on its own. But doesn't he look spiffy? It'd be fun to make more of these, in all sorts of patterns. Though I probably shouldn't say that too loudly, or ties will be all I'm sewing from now on.

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