Wednesday, 15 January 2014


I'm just over a ball of yarn in, and so far so good. As the first part of the cardigan mainly consists of the a stocking stitch, I've been distracting myself with episodes of Mad Men to keep it from becoming boring. I'm absolutely loving the yarn, it is so soft and great to work with. And so far I'm quite happy to report that I haven't made any major errors and my cardigan contains no holes. Let's hope that doesn't change!

PS. I came across a book about unfinished knitting projects today, so I guess if I do get bored and decide to abandon it I can always take a picture of it and send it in to the author, in case she's planning a second volume.


  1. Hi Hilde, thanks for stopping by my blog! You are super sweet!

    The bolero is pretty easy so far, and knits up fairly quickly (since it's knit w/two strands together) I haven't made any progress in a few days as I'm waiting on a pair of size 19 circulars to arrive in the mail. You should definitely try it once you're done with this cardigan (which is beautiful by the way). I absolutely love the color you chose for it!

    1. Thank you! I'll def. have to knit that next! Hopefully this won't take me too long! haha