Saturday, 30 April 2016


I was a bit late with finishing the March chapter of my 2016 album, so I decided to just wait with the post until I was done with the April chapter too. And whoa, this means I'm actually 1/3 through this album. I swear 2016 just started?

I had a bad case of the flu over Easter so ended up spending a little too much of March in bed, and didn't really take a whole lot of pictures. April's kinda been a bit of a waiting month. I went on leave after the first week, and I've been keeping busy since. A friend of mine also came to visit for a weekend, which coincided with my surprise baby shower (they caught me totally off guard, I was just taking the dog for a quick walk when a bunch of cars filled with balloons and friends in party hats pulled into my driveway haha)! Spring's also brought us a bit of sunshine, and sunshine = walks on the beach.

We have no plans for May, as I suspect we'll be rather busy once the little one arrives! My due date was yesterday, so guess he'll be here any day now. Hopefully he won't hold out on us too long!

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