Friday, 12 February 2016


These labels were really not necessary at all. I don't have an etsy shop or sell things at markets or anything, so these were really just for fun. And unnecessary as they are, these little bad boys make my inner organizer so, so happy haha.

I'm not sure why I wanted to make labels in the first place, but my original plan was to print them out myself. But then I learnt that home printed labels quite often don't survive washing machines. The times I've printed stuff on fabric myself, it hasn't really been things I'm gonna throw in the washing machine (like this banner) so it hasn't been a problem, but as I intend on putting these on various sewing projects, like clothes, etc, being able to wash them in the washing machine seemed like an advantage. So I made some labels in Illustrator and ordered a test swatch from Spoonflower for $5. This gave me a total of 32 labels (technically 36 but the top row got cut in half), so not exactly breaking the bank! I added backing to make them a bit sturdier, and then cut them out freehand with a pair of scissors. I definitely could have been more accurate here and used a straight edge and a rotary cutter, but as I said, these are really just for fun.

And of course I had to add one to my quilt straight away. In an ideal world I would have had the label on before I made the quilt, so that I could have machine stitched it on a bit neater, but my hand stitching isn't too bad, right? Looking forward to adding them to future projects!

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