Tuesday, 19 January 2016


I got a screen printing kit for Christmas! And somehow, I haven't found a chance to play with it until now. But after spending my evening printing away, let me tell you: this is all sorts of awesome.

I attended a screen printing class at the Glue Factory in Glasgow forever ago, where we used a slightly different technique than the one described in the kit. The technique we used seemed both quicker and easier if you're doing a simple design, as you essentially just cut out your design on sugar paper rather than draw it directly onto the screen. Only in stead of sugar paper which you can only do so many prints of before it starts to fall apart, I used transparency sheets this time. They worked great, and I love how I can use them again over and over and that they're a lot easier to cut. The sugar paper can easily tear while cutting, and you can only do so many prints before it starts to fall apart. So far I've just been messing around with a simple design on some scrap bits of paper, but the kit also includes fabric medium so I'm looking forward to making some screen printing projects on fabric! My head is already full of ideas. I'd love to print on some t-shirts, or try out a couple projects for the house.

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