Monday, 28 September 2015


I love black and white film. There's just something so classic about them. Graeme got me some rolls of black and white film for Christmas last year, and I recently got a couple of them developed. These were all taken with my trusty Diana F+, on Kodak Professional Black and White 120 film. Some were taken in Stavanger on a sunny day this spring, and some were taken in our closest dog park in winter, right after it had snowed. You'll notice Bo's wearing her GoPro harness in one of them, as it's from the time we made this film.

The quality isn't the best though, as I had to scan them myself after a bit of an argument at the photo developer's. After nine weeks in the lab (and me calling several times to find out what was happening with my photos), they let me know that scanning my photos and putting them on a disc was too much extra labor to them due to the format and the fact that I'd used a toy camera. So I ended up taking the prints and scanning them myself at home. I really need to find a photo developer that still handles analog film and not just digital. I currently have several exposed films in the fridge that I'm a bit hesitant to go get developed!

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