Monday, 30 December 2013


I don’t normally make new year’s resolutions. Or at least if I make them, I tend to forget about them about halfway through January. I guess on some level I believe that if there’s something in my life I’m unhappy about and feel I should improve, I shouldn’t really wait until January each year to improve it. Obviously, that’s a lot easier said than done. However, this year I’ve set myself a goal for 2014: to knit myself an article of clothing. More specifically, I’m planning on knitting the cardigan below from the Pompom Autumn 2013 issue. 

You may have noticed this, but most of my knitting and crochet projects are all really quick and simple. There are a couple exceptions to this, such as this project, but for the most part I tend to prefer projects that won’t take me forever, like this one and this one. I tend to get distracted easily when it’s too big a project (here's an example I'm still not finished with--I guess "next summer" was being too optimistic), and I’m terrible at following knitting patterns and tend to prefer to make up my own. I'm getting a bit bored of small projects and I'd like to get better at following patterns though, and since I completely fell for this Pompom cardigan I figured it'd be a good starting point.

I also told myself that I have to knit something out of the magazine before I can justify buying another Pompom issue. And I'm pretty much dying to buy the winter issue, so let's get knitting!

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