Monday, 2 September 2013


Another month has passed and we're already in September. August flew by, and included  a huge caterpillar, weekends at Hausvik, a short trip to Aberdeen, doggie socks and breakfasts outside in the garden. Summer is definitely coming to an end though, and the fact that I'm currently sitting in bed with the dog lying underneath the covers keeping my feet warm, listening to the rain pouring outside and drinking a pot of Lady Grey tea just underline this. And I'm already getting a little excited about the trees turning orange, wearing cozy sweaters and drinking hot cocoa to warm up after dog walks out in the cold. Bliss!


  1. I am becoming a full blown adult this month and buying a 2 bedroom flat (fingers crossed it all goes through!!) so if you need a place to stay next time you are in Aberdeen give me a bell!! I would love to see ya!! Love Mari-Anne xx

  2. Your August looks like it was amazing! I love all these photos. Here's to a great September!

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