Thursday, 4 July 2013


Graeme and I had two of my old flatmates visit us in Norway for the first time last weekend, so we all traveled down to the south coast to my parent’s cabin. I love the landscape there; the cabin is right on the coast but it's situated a bit higher up so it has this panoramic view of the sea, the fjord and all these little islands scattered everywhere, as well as the mountains surrounding it all. I love sitting there with a pair of binoculars and looking at the sailboats sailing past.

The weather was lovely and we spent the weekend investigating old abandoned Nazi bunkers, fishing and drinking home made cocktails. We got a boat for our fishing trip as well, and got to explore all the little islands and cruise about in the sunshine. I even caught a cod, which resulted in much screaming, a rather violent death by beer bottle and eventually a tasty dinner. We all took lots of pictures of course, and so I thought I’d share a few of mine here. Unfortunately I completely forgot to bring my SLR along, so these are all the pictures from my iPhone. I did however bring my Diana mini, so hopefully I have some nice shots to look forward to there once I get the film developed. Hope you had a good weekend too!

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